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Dhammayangyi - The Pyramid by the Irrawaddy
The Biography of a Temple, its People and the Kingdom of Pagan
Hans Wilhelm Finger

This book is a lively and personal account of a stranger visiting Burma, who travels to its historical centre, the village of Pagan. It describes his encounter with its people and the children of the temple, and through exploring the ancient Dhammayangyi temple, he embarks on a fantastic journey of discovery, deep into Pagan's and its inhabitants' history. The narrative reveals the terrors imposed by the temple's royal creator, and the dark legacy of its construction and continuation, reflected by the myths and legends surrounding it -- legends which are still passed on by word of mouth and preserved in the beliefs of local inhabitants, today.

Ma Ni Ni Too  is one of the "children of the temple" and Hans is a highly respected and dear friend.
He passed away on Thursday the 14th of January 2015.

English: ISBN-13 978-974-524-045-2
German: ISBN-13 978-3-937101-49-1

Dhammayangyi Pahto
Bagan Region

November 2004


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