Old Bagan I

Bagan Region

Bupaya on the bank of the Ayeyarwady RiverBupaya AD. 300Bupaya by nightMahabodhi Paya pyramidal spireMy sister-in-law Ma Soe Soe Moe with two of her childrenZedis behind the Atwin Zigon PahtoGawdawpalin PahtoMingala ZediDrinking water in small pots along the roadShwesandaw PayaMa Ni Ni Too on Shwesandaw PayaShwesandaw Paya tumbled down htiShwesandaw Paya SilhouetteShinbinthalyaung reclining Buddha at Shwesandaw PayaMin O Chan Tha PayaMa Htar Htar Thu at Min O Chan Tha PayaMin O Chan Tha Paya ogreTemple silhouettes in the sunset

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Myanmar (Burma) - Photo Gallery