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GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver enlarged display readings at the degree confluenceSatellite image of the degree confluenceKu-Min Forest.jpgThe area around the degree confluenceThe degree confluenceView to the north from the degree confluenceSpectators east from the degree confluenceView from the degree confluence to the south against the sunlightA small artificial lake to the west called Taung Nan Tha SehMa San Din fetching water from the small artificial lake Taung Nan Tha SehTaung Nan Tha Paya on the hilltopBroken Buddha face in Taung Nan Tha Paya on the hilltopView to the norteast from Taung Nan Tha Paya

3 January 2005
In the early morning, when it was still cool, my wife, two of her brothers and I went from Myothit with our pick-up to the small village Thedwin along the road from Nyaung U to Kyaukpadaung just past the branch to Mt. Popa. While one of my brothers-in-law stayed with the car, we went in a southwest direction guided by my GPS receiver to the foot of a small mountain range.

After an hour of pleasant cross country walking through bare fields with palm trees, passing small villages and crossing a broad dry riverbed we reached the degree confluence near the edge of a field.

While I was taking the photos at the degree confluence we were watched by some curious local people. I was surprised about the beautiful scenery around the spot. Northwest of the degree confluence is a small Buddhist temple called Taung Nan Tha Paya on a hilltop with good views over the surrounding landscape. At the bottom of this hill, west of the degree confluence, is a small artificial lake which get filled with rainwater during the monsoon and provides the local villagers with drinking-water.

What is a degree confluence?


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