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Degree Confluence Visits

GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver enlarged display readings at the degree confluenceSatellite image of the degree confluenceTransport by bullock cart from Mingun to the degree confluenceBridge on the road between Mingun and LetpanThe degree confluenceView to the north over the degree confluenceView to the east from the degree confluenceView to the south from the degree confluence against the sunlightView to the west from the degree confluenceFarmers near the degree confluenceMa Htar Htar Thu walking back on the dry riverbed

24 December 2006
This degree confluence is located west of Mandalay on the other side of the Ayeyarwady river, south of Mingun.
It was an easy visit without any surprises. In Google Earth the area around the spot was covered by a detailed aerial photo which showed an easy walking route following a dry river starting from the road between Mingun and Letpan.

It took a little more then an hour to cross the Ayeyarwady River by boat from Mandalay, the former capital of Myanmar, to Mingun. There my sister-in-law Ma Htar Htar Thu hired a bullock cart on which we drove slowly to the south. After one and a half hour we came to a bridge which spanned the dry river.

Leaving the two bullocks and their driver for a rest, we started walking over the dry riverbed to the west. We reached the degree confluence after some twenty minutes. The spot was at the foot of a hill in the middle of some shrubs and small trees on the edge between a field and the dry river. Near the degree confluence were some farmers working on the field who were happy to pose in front of my camera.

What is a degree confluence?


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