Old and new names

Old and new names

Myanmar, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is also known as Burma or the Union of Burma.
In 1989 the government changed the British colonial names for the country, some cities and rivers to the more original sounding Romanised version of the Myanma* names. What we call the new names today are in fact the older Myanma names used before the British colonisation. Today, very few Myanma people use the colonial names. Sometimes only out of politeness, because they believe that the foreigner may not understand them otherwise.

The colonial name Burma had been chosen originally for this photo gallery, because that time the name Burma was more familiar in the rest of the world. Nowadays the name Myanmar is well known and also recognised by the United Nations. Therefore the name has been changed to "Myanmar (Burma) - Photo Gallery" in April 2007. This name change is not by any means political motivated, but reflects the higher score of the name "Myanmar" in the web search engines on the internet hence to improve this website's ranking.

While the roman spelling of Myanma names is not always consistent, the spelling for most names is based on the latest Myanmar (Burma) edition of the Lonely Planet travel guidebooks.

Below you find two alphabetical sorted lists showing the conversion from old colonial names to new Myanma names and vice versa. Included are only the names which you will find in the captions under the photos or elsewhere on this website.

* Myanma (without the final "r") is the adjective form of the country's name used throughout this photo gallery.

Old name
New name
Ava Inwa
Burma Myanmar
Fort Hertz Putao
Irrawaddy River Ayeyarwady River
Kengtung Kyaing Tong
Magwe Magway
Maymyo Pyin U Lwin
Mt. Victoria Mt. Nat Ma Taung
Pagan Bagan
Pegu Bago
Prome Pyay
Rangoon Yangon
Sale Salay
Salween River Thanlwin River
Scott Market Bogyoke Aung San Zay
New name
Old name
Ayeyarwady River Irrawaddy River
Bagan Pagan
Bago Pegu
Bogyoke Aung San Zay Scott Market
Inwa Ava
Kyaing Tong Kengtung
Magway Magwe
Mt. Nat Ma Taung Mt. Victoria
Myanmar Burma
Putao Fort Hertz
Pyay Prome
Pyin U Lwin Maymyo
Salay Sale
Thanlwin River Salween River
Yangon Rangoon


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