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What is RSS Feed?
RSS is a standard for publishing regular updates to web-based content and for people to easily receive it. An RSS Feed is simply a text document listing the most recent items. A news site, for example, may list their latest headlines (or entire articles) in their RSS Feed. Every time a new article is published, it is added to their RSS Feed and the oldest item on the RSS Feed is removed. RSS Feed provides a solution by giving you a direct access to the content you are interested in.
An RSS Feed may be called also an RSS channel, RDF feed, XML feed, Atom feed or webfeed, but are all essentially the same thing. RSS itself may be written as Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary or RDF Site Summary. There are different versions; the one used on this website is according to the RSS 2.0 Specification.

Why do I get code when I click on an RSS Feed link?
RSS Feeds are meant to be read by computers so the actual file content will look often incomprehensible when using obsolete internet browsers. RSS Feeds are written in XML, which stands for Extensible Markup Language, and is simply a way of writing information. Modern browsers display RSS feed in a for humans easily readable format.

Why have RSS Feed?
What makes RSS Feeds great is that they list the newest content in a format that computer programs can read. So the computer can keep checking for new content automatically, and let you know when there are new items on your favourite websites if they support RSS Feed. They also provide a great tool for websites without a regular update schedule, as visitors don't have to keep going to the site to see if it has been updated. Using an RSS Feed means the content comes to you, rather than you having to go to the content.

RSS Feed readers
Programs to read RSS Feed are called RSS Feed readers, newsreaders or news aggregators and provide an extremely convenient way to check websites for news, because it minimises effort and saves time not having to repeatedly visit all those websites manually. "Subscribing" to RSS Feeds with an RSS feed reader can be especially useful for people who are checking a lot of websites for news. RSS Feed readers are available in many different formats. Some are programs that you can download and install, whereas others are web-based for direct use. Some are very simple while others have many features; some are for free while others are not. Modern internet browsers also support reading and subscribing to RSS Feed.

How to subscribe
Once you have found RSS Feeds, the most common way of subscribing to them is to copy the URL (address) of the RSS Feed and paste it into your RSS feed reader. The address of the RSS Feed can usually be found linked from an orange RSS feed button, like the RSS Feed button used on this website. Some RSS Feed readers and internet browsers have buttons that allow you to more easily subscribe or enable you to subscribe by clicking on a special button or by dragging the RSS Feed button to the RSS Feed reader. A big pro is that you can disable your subscription to an information source immediately at any time.

RSS Feed on this website
The purpose of RSS Feed on this website is mainly to announce when new photos have been added to the photo gallery and also to provide news and information about changes.


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