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Click on the Search button or press the Enter key on your keyboard to start the search after you have filled in the search keywords. The default search is to select any pages which include any of the keywords (separated by spaces) you enter. You can override this behaviour by preceding the keywords with special characters for advanced searching.

The search results also contain pages where the keywords are part of a longer word and the results are not returned in any specific order. For your convenience, searching is case-independent.

The search engine searches the pages on the website completely, also for text which is normally not visible. Therefore, if you have a search result which apparently does not show your keywords, have a look at the HTML source because the text is hidden somewhere in the page.

The characters * ? ( ) [ \ are excluded from searching in any combination.
When you want to search with a special character in the keyword like the quotation mark " or the and sign &, you have to use the HTML-equivalent like " and &.
Note that on this website the English spelling is used, like colour and grey.

Advanced search:
  • If the keyword starts with + then that keyword must appear in the page.
  • If the keyword starts with - then that keyword must not exist on the page.
  • If you want to match an exact string include "quotation" marks around the keywords that make up that string.

  • To search for paya or Bagan at the same time you could use paya bagan as this search would include all pages with one or both of the keywords.
  • To search for paya in Bagan you could use +paya +bagan as this search would only include pages with both keywords.
  • To search for paya but not in Bagan you could use +paya -bagan. This would select pages that include the word paya but not those pages that contain the word bagan.
  • To search for a name you could use "new bagan" as this would require the exact string to be present.


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Myanmar (Burma) - Photo Gallery