From the foot to the top of Mt. Phon Kan Razi

Mt. Phon Kan Razi (Putao) Trek

Myit Sone (confluence) at the foot of Mt. Phon Kan RaziOne at a time across the bridge over the Nam Lang RiverMa Nin Zi is cooking with woodCasualtySunlight lit fluffy seedHunting with crossbow and poisonous arrowsSmall berriesPutao somewhere in the far distanceThe first view of Mt. Phon Kan Razi's summitTrees covered with mossSome of the kitchen ladies take a restNam Lang ValleyThe Snow Capped MountainsTaung Chay (Base) CampMa Kho Shar: head of the kitchen staffMt. Pangram RaziView on Ziya Dum

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