Putao Valley

Mt. Phon Kan Razi (Putao) Trek

Putao Valley with Mine Khan Yin ZediMine Khan Yin Zedi in the evening lightMine Khan Yin ZediBambooNam Tong River leaving Ho Kho VillageA street in Ho Kho VillageMahamuni Paya in Ho Kho VillageMahamuni Buddha image in Ho Kho VillageMahamuni monastery chime bell in Ho Kho VillageMahamuni monastery Buddha shrine in Ho Kho VillageA temporary zedi north of Ho Kho Village amidst the paddy fieldsA temporary zedi in Pu Taung VillageView from the military campWelcome to Mulashidi Village on the Nam Lang RiverA new and old bridge span the riverEncounter along the Nam Lang RiverView on the Nam Lang River from the Malikha LodgeMachanbaw VillageMali Hka River near Machanbaw VillageColonial house near the Mali Hka River


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