From Wason Dum to Ziya Dum Village

(west side of the Nam Lang River)
Mt. Phon Kan Razi (Putao) Trek

A great many houses are made of bambooSitting along the pathBehind the fence in Namru Dum VillageOn mother's backMother and childThe view halfway Namru Pass on the Nam Lang RiverThe longest suspension bridge crossing the Nam Lang RiverEarly morning Nam Lang RiverMorning fog in Lonnat Dum VillageWashing in the riverSign above the door of the church in Lonnat DumBreak camp in Lonnat Dum VillageMa Nin Zi has no cold feet...Nam Lang River on the opposite side of Awat Dum VillageRice fields along the Nam Lang RiverPorters on a suspension bridgeMa Nin Zi on the bridgeInto the woodsDeforestation on a small scale


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Myanmar (Burma) - Photo Gallery