Hsipaw surroundings

Shan State

Harvesting corianderPloughing in the mudCorn treshing machineTogether under the umbrellaMyanma lorryMyanma tourists under a small waterfall which is named Num Hu Nwet WaterfallNam Tok WaterfallThe landscape between Nam Tok Waterfall and the cemeteryHsipaw cemeteryChinese sarcophagusesMuslim tombA hand-sized spider waiting in its web for preyNan Mya Taung PayaMausoleum of the Sao Pha of HsipawView on Hsipaw from Thein Daung Paya at the Nine Buddha HillThe setting sun behind the Tagundaing at Thein Daung PayaSunset over the Dokhtawady River from the Nine Buddha HillSunset behind a Buddha statue on the Nine Buddha Hill


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Myanmar (Burma) - Photo Gallery