Mt. Nat Ma Taung (Mt. Victoria) Trek

The Chin Hills

This three-day trek leads over the highest mountain in Chin State: the 3053 metres high top of Mt. Nat Ma Taung (Mt. Victoria). Starting in Mindat Village and ending in Kanpellet Village on the other side of the mountain. Sleeping in tents in Aye Village and on the top. The mountain is situated 100 km 'as the crow flies' west of Bagan. The area is famous for the woman of the Chin tribes who have their faces tattooed.

Mindat and surroundings Mt. Nat Ma Taung

I had developed and guided this Mt. Nat Ma Taung (Mt. Victoria) Trek itinerary for the Dutch tour operator Himalaya Trekking Wandelreizen in co-operation with a private tour operator from Yangon.


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