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The view halfway Thorung La and Muktinath (Kagbeni in the far distance)

This photo "The view halfway Thorung La and Muktinath" is available as a wallpaper on this web page. The wallpaper is published for private use. It is done in good faith, please don't abuse it.

The wallpaper files are Bitmap files (.bmp). Download the file with the same resolution as your current display setting.

File name
File size
640 x 480 thorung−la−640x480.bmp 294 kBytes
800 x 600 thorung−la−800x600.bmp 457 kBytes
1024 x 768 thorung−la−1024x768.bmp 745 kBytes
1152 x 864 thorung−la−1152x864.bmp 941 kBytes
1280 x 800 thorung−la−1280x800.bmp 963 kBytes
1280 x 960 thorung−la−1280x960.bmp 1.13 MBytes
1280 x 1024 thorung−la−1280x1024.bmp 1.2 MBytes
1600 x 1200 thorung−la−1600x1200.bmp 1.76 MBytes
1920 x 1200 thorung−la−1920x1200.bmp 2.09 MBytes

Refer to the Help section of your particular operating system version to learn where to save and how to activate the downloaded wallpaper.


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