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The Eyes of Buddha (T-Shirt embroidery)

Brightness and contrast
Most photos on this website are high quality images and have a full scale tone. To show this full scale you have to adjust the brightness and contrast controls on your display, particularly for the dark areas.

Grey scale

The grey scale above must show all the twenty-one shades from black to white in a distinguished way. To achieve this, adjust the brightness control on your display until the brightness of the black square on the left and the adjacent almost black square clearly differs a little in brightness from each other. Then set the contrast control for pleasant viewing brightness, with the outermost right square a bright white. It is probably most of the way up. A good way to adjust the display is to assume the brightness and contrast controls are reversed (they really are). With a well adjusted display this website shows a dark red grainy background.

Colour temperature
Many displays will let you adjust the colour temperature (measured in Kelvin). The settings are usually 9300, 6500 and 5500 or 5000 Kelvin. The default setting is usually 9300 Kelvin and is sometimes referred to as "computer display white". This setting will give you the brightest looking picture, but is slightly bluish in colour. A whiter white is produced when you set your display to 6500 Kelvin, sometimes referred to as "daylight white". People in the video world normally use this setting and it is the preferred setting when displaying photos on your display. If you did not already, give yourself some time to get used to it. After a while you will like it.

Gamma and colour space
The majority of the web browsers only displays images created for a gamma of 2.2 and in the sRGB colour space correctly. sRGB is a commonly-used colour space which is the de facto standard for web use. The photos published on this website are created for a gamma of 2.2 and are uncompensated, meaning that they have no imbedded colour space profile. They automatically display properly in all web browsers using a gamma of 2.2 and in the sRGB colour space.

Screen resolution and colour depth
This website is best viewed in a resolution of 1280 by 1024 pixels or more and with a minimum of 16.7 million (True Colour/24 bit) colours. For easy viewing in the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome internet browser you can choose the "View > Full Screen" option or press the "F11" key.

Image file format
Most of the photos are published in the JPEG image file format with little compression. Others are published in the PNG file format when they require a transparent background or when they represent a small banner or button. A few are published in the GIF image file format. The colours of the wallpaper wallpaper BMP image file format are limited to 256 in order to keep the file sizes acceptable while error diffusion dithering is applied to simulate more colours.

The fonts used on this website are Comic Sans MS and Arial (or Helvetica or Verdana). The browser uses these fonts from your computer if they are found. Otherwise it uses your browser's default font from the same generic font families Cursive and Sans-serif. For proper layout of text and pictures you should choose at least a medium text size "View > Text Size > Medium or Normal".

HTML compatibility
This website has valid HTML 5.2 and CCS 3 code. It has successfully performed formal validations conforming the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendations. It is validated with the W3C Markup Validation Service, the W3C CSS Validation Service and the Total Validator. This means that all HTML and CSS code in any web page is error-free and therefore should display correctly in all current, modern internet browsers.
All HTML web pages are character encoded with the variable-length UTF-8 Unicode without a Byte Order Mark (BOM).
The website has been checked with the Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome internet browsers for possible compatibility issues.

SSL/TLS secure connection
The website enforces an SSL/TLS secure connection with an overall "A+" rating according to the Qualys SSL LAB Server Test.
See the The making of for more information about SSL/TLS secure connections.

All web pages on this website contain JavaScript for navigation purposes.

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