Dhammayangyi Pahto

Bagan Region

Dhammayangyi Pahto, the largest temple on the Bagan PlainDhammayangyi - The Pyramid by the IrrawaddyDhammayangyi Pahto northern gateLooking through the gateRestored Buddha image with old frescoesMa Than Na ThunDhammayangyi PahtoInside Dhammayangyi PahtoDhammayangyi's south facing BuddhaDhammayangyi's south facing Buddha eleven years later with a different faceDhammayangyi Buddha's profileDhammayangyi Pahto western entranceDhammayangyi's historical and future Buddha, Gautama and MaitreyaBackside of the Dhammayangyi's historical and future BuddhaLittle BuddhaDhammayangyi Pahto as seen from Shwesandaw Paya


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