Mt. Tangyi Taung

Bagan Region

Tangyi Taung Paya on top of the mountain on the west side of the Ayeyarwady RiverTop of the Bagan Myaw Paya gateGuardian Belu standing at the gate of the Bagan Myaw PayaBagan Myaw ZediA Nat standing on the corner of the Bagan Myaw ZediBagan Myaw NagaBagan Myaw Thagyamin Nat with a conch shell in its handsTangyi Taung ZediTangyi Taung Paya standing BuddhaView on Bagan from Mt. Tangyi TaungTangyi Taung Paya white elephantTangyi Taung Paya BuddhaTangyi Taung Paya small statueBuddha's first sermonSunset over the Tangyi Taung mountains


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Myanmar (Burma) - Photo Gallery