Bagan Region

The road from Myinkaba to Myothit (New Bagan)Manuha PayaLooking up to the large Buddha cramped up in the Manuha PayaReclining Buddha in the back of the Manuha PayaA sandstone bas-relief figure of the four-faced Brahma deity in Nan PayaShin Au Ta Ma PayaGubyauknge Pahto stucco workGubyauknge Pahto stucco workGubyaukgyi Pahto damaged stucco workGubyaukgyi Pahto stone carved windowMyazedi by nightSomingyi Kyaung entranceSomingyi KyaungSomingyi Kyaung missing BuddhaSomingyi ZediPaya nr. 1174 behind the Somingyi Zedi with Mt. Tangyi Taung in the distance

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Myanmar (Burma) - Photo Gallery