Old Bagan II

Bagan Region

A pitaka library in front of the Mimalaung KyaungPahto ThamyaBuddha image inside the Pahto ThamyaBuddha image seen through one of the inner windows of Pahto ThamyaNgakywenadaung PayaNathlaung KyaungNathlaung Kyaung east side reliefsNathlaung Kyaung south side relief representing VishnuNathlaung Kyaung west side relief representing VishnuNathlaung Kyaung north side relief representing VishnuMahazediView from Shwegugyi Paya on MahazediInside the Thandawgya PahtoOld Buddha image inside Thandawgya PahtoHeavily restored Pitaka Taik LibraryTharaba GateMaung Tin DeShwe Myet HnaSunrise over Bagan

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