Do you recognise the scene on this tapestry?

Do you recognise the scene on this tapestry?
This tapestry (size approximately 90 x 120 cm or 35 x 48 inch) was hanging on a wall behind the coat rack in the hall of my parents house in The Netherlands since I was a little child. It should be at least 60 or 70 years old. The colours are vanished, but I have tried to digitally restore some of the original colours with the help of Adobe Photoshop techniques.

In the left-under corner you can see the legs of what seems a child playing on the ground, which you would not paint or draw if the scene is a complete one. It could be that this tapestry is part of a larger scene, a painting perhaps and was sort of mechanically made to just be the "interesting part" without making any "artistic" judgments on leaving the child out. Or it actually could be part of a much larger tapestry and was cut down into possibly many pieces, edged and distributed separately.

I am curious about the scene. Could it be a copy from (a part of) a famous painting?
If you have any information about the scene on this tapestry, please sent me an email:

Thanks in advance!

Henk de Jong
The Netherlands

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Last update: 17 June 2018

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