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Degree confluence
A confluence is a flowing together; a meeting place (often of rivers). A degree confluence is the exact spot on the surface of the earth where an integer degree of latitude and an integer degree of longitude intersect.

Organised sampling of the earth
The goal of the Degree Confluence Project is to visit each of these invisible lines of latitude and longitude integer degree intersections throughout the world and to take photos at each location. The project can be regarded as an organised sampling of the world. There is a degree confluence within 79km of you if you are on the surface of the Earth. There are 16,298 degree confluences to visit after you discount all the confluences in the oceans and some near the poles.


Globe after Charton, 1988

On the transparent globe above you see an example of a degree confluence at 40° north 60° west.

  • Latitude (shown as horizontal lines on a map or globe) is the angular distance, in degrees, minutes, and seconds of a point north or south of the Equator. Lines of latitude are referred to as parallels.
  • Longitude (shown as vertical lines) is the angular distance, in degrees, minutes, and seconds of a point east or west of the Prime (Greenwich) Meridian. Lines of longitude are referred to as meridians.
  • An integer is a whole number, i.e. a number that does not have a fractional part.

Degree confluences in Myanmar
In Myanmar are sixty-five degree confluences of which many are on almost inaccessible spots. Until now I have visited not more than ten degree confluences in Myanmar. Click on any button in the first column of the table below to view the photos about that particular location and to read a short narrative about the visit. The table is sorted by date of visit.

Date of visit
DCP website
Google Maps
21° north 95° east Nyaung U 3 January 2005 21°N 95°E (visit #2)  ♦ 
17° north 96° east Yangon 5 December 2005 17°N 96°E (visit #1)  ♦ 
21° north 96° east Meiktila 16 December 2005 21°N 96°E  ♦ 
20° north 95° east Magway 28 December 2005 20°N 95°E  ♦ 
22° north 95° east Monywa 5 January 2006 22°N 95°E  ♦ 
21° north 97° east Taunggyi 21 December 2006 21°N 97°E  ♦ 
22° north 96° east Mandalay 24 December 2006 22°N 96°E (visit #2)  ♦ 
19° north 95° east Pyay 12 December 2007 19°N 95°E  ♦ 
20° north 96° east
Nay Pyi Taw 4 December 2008 20°N 96°E  ♦ 
20° north 97° east Inle Lake Deep South 8 December 2008 20°N 97°E  ♦ 

Interview with Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Maurice Laparlière, a reporter from Radio Netherlands Worldwide (the former Dutch world broadcaster) would like to make a report about degree confluence hunting. He had discovered my degree confluence visit 21° north 95° east on this website and contacted me by email asking if I was interested to be interviewed while searching for a degree confluence somewhere in The Netherlands.
We made an appointment and went with a tape recorder on the 3rd of May 2005 to make a degree confluence visit at 52° north and 6° east near the city of Arnhem in The Netherlands.
The interview was broadcasted worldwide on the 24th of May 2005.

Listen here to the interview (mp3 in Dutch)
Presented with the kind permission of RNW, the former Radio Netherlands Worldwide (Radio Nederland Wereldomroep)
Copyright © 2005, RNW

Wereldwijde speurtocht naar iets onzichtbaars (Dutch)
Republished with the kind permission of RNW, the former Radio Netherlands Worldwide (Radio Nederland Wereldomroep)


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