Mt. Phon Kan Razi (Putao) Trek

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Since November 2000 I have been five times in the little town Putao in Kachin State in the far north of Myanmar as a tour guide. Guiding treks in co-operation with local guides which lasts fourteen days and leads partly over small hunting trails through the dense jungle and forests of the Himalayas. Sleeping in local people's homes and in tents.
Goal is the top of Mt. Phon Kan Razi at an altitude of 3635 metres situated northwest of Putao on the border with Arunachal Pradesh (India) far from the civilised world. I have reached the summit of the snow capped mountain four times. The first time was in December 2000 when I guided the first non-Myanma group to the top.

Myoma Market
Putao Valley
From Putao to Mounngor Village
From Mounngor to Upper Sangaung Village
From Upper Sangaung to Wason Dum Village
From Wason Dum to Ziya Dum Village (east side of the Nam Lang River)*
From Wason Dum to Ziya Dum Village (west side of the Nam Lang River)*
Ziya Dum Village
From Ziya Dum to the foot of Mt. Phon Kan Razi
From the foot to the top of Mt. Phon Kan Razi
On the top of Mt. Phon Kan Razi
Mt. Ni Ni Too Razi
Map of Mt. Phon Kan Razi Trek

* There are two different routes from Wason Dum to Ziya Dum Village. One on the east and one on the west side of the Nam Lang River. The west route combines crossing the Namru Pass with an extra night in Lonnat Dum Village. I prefer to walk both routes and choose to do the latter on the way back from Ziya Dum Village.

I have developed and guided this Mt. Phon Kan Razi (Putao) Trek itinerary for the Dutch tour operator Himalaya Trekking Wandelreizen in co-operation with a private tour operator from Yangon.


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